Christine Staehelin works and lives in Brooklyn, NY since 1996. She works exclusively in two-dimensional media, including drawing, painting and print making. Her paintings from 1998 to 2001 were predominantly abstract compositions painted in oil using bold gestural brushstrokes.
Since 2002 her paintings and drawings have decidedly returned to figurative work. In painting her main focus and preferred theme is landscapes. People, animals and plants are other studied subjects in her paintings on canvas, but on this website appear more often in her drawings and prints. Her work in print making and the exploration of the varied fine art print techniques has been inspired by her teaching activity.

Christine Staehelin's deep interest is in our natural environment and the human being in relation to nature. Manmade objects, structures and manmade environments are of lesser subject matter in her art.

Christine Staehelin's work has been influenced by following artists among many, many others (in no particular order): E. Munch, G. Segantini, R. Diebenkorn, P. Doig, Jim Dine, G. Courbet, J. Constable, W. Turner, F. Millet, F. Goya...